On the cultural industry of Guzheng

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Culture is accompanied by the practice of human life, everyone living in the culture and cultural infection and constraints. Chinese culture has a long history and profound connotation. It originated from Huaxia's ancestral farming civilization, advancing with the times, keep moving forward, and to glory.

Art is the elite of culture. It is a spark of renewing people's hearts. Ancient Chinese thinkers attached great importance to the educational role of music. Confucius had the idea of ​​"being good at poetry, standing at ceremony, becoming happy" and Xunzi also stated that " People are deep, its people are quick "thinking.

First, Qin Zheng culture analysis

Qin Zheng culture originates from the culture of Huaxia Music Education and embodies the spirit of dance and dances and aesthetic functions of Chinese ancestors. It is an integral part of Chinese aesthetic culture. Qin Zheng is not only a "device" for entertaining body and mind, but also forms a kind of "art" while developing. It has a deeper cultural connotation. Embody the primitive music and dance spirit and aesthetic function of Chinese ancestors. The so-called "gentleman to bell deuce, with Qin happy." Music not only makes people physically and mentally harmonious, but also with the ceremony companion, subject to the gift of restraint and norms, to achieve the "ritual and harmony" realm. The ancients so-called "easy to change customs, mixed colleagues, there is no Shang Shang who carry on." "Among all public morality virtues," "Qin can teach the concept of the wind, the people's heart, tone state of mind, with human reason, Pingyin Yang." Xunzi said: "The musician also, the reason why people do not encourage people too. This is the ancients profound understanding of music, that is, the charm of the Qin cultural heritage and the function of art education.

As the Chinese "poetry and calligraphy", the origin and development of the Qin Zheng culture is a kind of living condition of the ancestors of the Chinese nation. "The lady is beautiful," and "I have a guest." A state of the art of life, artistic and cultural life of the music education phenomenon, it is the origin and development of the koto zither three thousand years to form a portrayal of cultural phenomenon. With the development of the times, there appeared "gentleman's seat, left piano and right book," "The little girl's family Joseph, Young's aunt department zither" and "who did not draw drum, what It shows the prosperous scene of "no silver zheng" and shows the combination of Qin, Joseph, Zheng instrument and art of Huaxia ancestors, forming a rich cultural heritage of the realm of advanced life and forming ancient and profound Qin zheng culture with long history.

Second, Qin Zheng culture and Yangzhou

From the 1930s to the last century, the Qin Zheng and its art gradually recovered. The productive protection of the guzheng guzheng and other intangible cultural heritage has been gradually carried out.

From 1970 to 1978, I was drafted from the teachers' team to set up "Yangzhou Small Flower Propaganda Team". In addition to the administrative work, I also took charge of program creation, band training, rehearsal and prop making. To save money, coupled with my own interests and the pursuit of leisure time to find the drawings used to make violins, children's bass for the band, also attracted Yangzhou, Nanjing and other places to visit and study.

"Chunfeng scattered strings, song blowing is Yangzhou." "Twenty-four bridge moon night, jade where to teach blowjob." "Year of the Broken Duck Jade Xiao sound, small sandal red tooth", "Yangzhou Huafang recorded", "Thousands of adoptive daughter of pre-school song, ten spent planting flowers farming." (Zheng Banqiao) These verses make us realize the prosperity of the ancient Yangzhou Qin Zheng cultural activities. Based on the trial of violins and bass, we have formulated a plan for training and developing the zither in YangZhou through the production of guzheng. During the earthquake-resistant and earthquake-resistant in 1976, we did not have a teacher, no samples, no drawings, with reference to a sketch of Nan Yi Tu Yong-mei teacher, busy for a few months, Yangzhou first guzheng trial success It's So I am responsible for the production of guzheng, Zhang Gong teacher responsible for training. A Taiwan Guzheng accompanied by more than a dozen children entered the hall of Zheng arts, began the combination of guzheng and training with the characteristics of Zhengzhou Yang Zheng development.

In July 1980, I was transferred to Yangzhou Children's Palace for resumption of preparatory work, just under the care of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, a guzheng research group was set up in Yangzhou City. The city allocated 1,500 yuan, In charge of the research and development work, the first batch of ten guqin and sixteen guzheng kits were successively completed in the foundation woodworking workshop. This is the first batch of guqin after the first kown in Yangzhou. Among them, the guqin and the first kite collected by two friends are collected in the XZZ Museum.

In 1983, the arts and crafts agency founded by Lu Yuping wanted to change the musical instrument factory. Ge Hong, Zhang Gong and Tian Hao were fully supported and instructed until the first batch of guqin and guzheng were produced. At that time, they also invited pottery, Cheng Wanjia and Gong Yi The teacher instructed the guqin production, later the factory cooperated with the Shanghai folk music factory, Yang Zhenji master Xu Zhengao took the town to guide with the apprentice, the product was sold for the Shanghai folk music factory. Improve the technical level of Yangzhou guzheng production.

In 1986, the school set off a tide of school-run industries throughout the country. After many studies, I was responsible for establishing the Children's Palace Musical Instrument Factory and borrowing 5,000 yuan from the Children's Palace. In February 1986, the Yangzhou Folk Musical Instrument Research and Development Factory was officially launched. The success of the construction indicates that my life will be closely linked with the Qin Zheng culture. In the following thirty years, I focused on the continuous practice of cultural creativity and technological innovation, namely, the "art" and "device" of the Qin Zheng. Build with craftsmanship.

Third, cultural creativity, Qin Zheng art appearance

The status quo of children's training thirty years ago was that there were only a few ethnic musical instruments such as the erhu and the pipa, and the number of people learning the piano, violin and electric organ was on the rise. Guzheng is little known, Guqin is hard to find knowledge, the long run down our national instrument will face the lack of follow-up, the crisis of imminent loss. The public opinion that produces folk music better than celestial music and the beloved mind person must feel that this status quo must change.

Cultural industry is a creative industry, but also an innovative industry. In the early days of construction, there was a shortage of funds, poor factories, no skilled workers and no sales channels. In confusion, I caught the National Children's Palace and children's guzheng training the combination of the development of "one hand training, one hand grasp the product" "to teach promotion" strategy. Grasping products, guzheng products to provide material assurance training, grasping training, training for the guzheng open sales. The combination of business and career, training and production of Zhu Lian, Zheng Yi prosperity day, when the business boom, which is our "to teach marketing" new ideas, but also the development of Yangzhou Qin Zheng characteristics.

In carrying forward the popularization of kite arts I personally caught several major events:

1. In 1986, when going out, please come in and pay close attention to the training of teachers in this palace for Zheng Zheng. If there is no teacher in Yangzhou Children's Palace, there will be an additional five persons within one year and assume the training responsibility. Begin teaching "Children Bai Zheng Training Course".

2. In 1988, the first "Dragon & Phoenix Cup" Children's Guzheng Invitational Tournament was launched. This is the first national guzheng single competition. Cao Zheng, Guo Ying, Tu Yongmei, Wang Shihuang, Sun Zixian and other veteran Zheng family as judges. In the closing ceremony of the first "children Zhengzhong Bai Qi" blockbuster, CCTV coverage of the country after the impact, there have been more than a dozen cities have held a "big zither Bai Zheng."

3, Under the care and support of China National Instrumental Society and Professor Cao Zheng, the training course for the summer zither teachers of the National Children's Palace System was held. Each year, it persists in 20 consecutive years of operation and has trained hundreds of guzheng Teachers, most of whom have now become the backbone of teaching and authority throughout the country.

4. In 1990, the Guzheng Class for veteran cadres run by Yangzhou Senile University opened the first in the country. Professor Cao Zheng inscribed the inscription "The world is a kite, the oldest guzheng yang boss" and "revitalize China. Quintessence, good old. " CCTV "Slender West Lake to listen to Zheng" as a special report, and later Shanghai, Chaoyang, Nanjing and many cities have opened the old kite classes, old friends do the old fun, happy in the koto.

After the training course for children and zhengzheng, the Children's Palace used the existing guzheng classrooms to run adult guzheng classes and mother and child classes. The number of children was large. In 1992, we prepared a series of " concert. CCTV crew came to Slenderly Lake in Slender West Lake in front of the "zheng music sound" as a topic reported two hundred and sixty people Zhengyu ensemble scene touching. After the program broadcast in CCTV many old friends across the island to congratulate the poem: "The hometown of zither guzheng heat, Zheng sound Yangzhou City, Red House zheng female scared hearing, envy Zhengzheng happy sound." (Wulin Zheng Tang Mop sweep) "Dream Wei Yang listen to the guzheng, vaguely Chinese first sound, the intersection not seen by the size of the word, the word of the total closing Qin" (Li Wu Institute Wu Yue Lu) "Jiangbei humanities Guangling, Zheng Qin rhyme Green Yang City, China extinction of the world, competing Longyin phoenix "(Hunan Xiangtan Whitehead poetry editor Ouyang enlightenment)

Guqin is the quintessence of China, the national piano, but the current situation of the guqin thirty years ago no one is interested, Guangling Qin School was created by Xu Changyu Yangzhou people, after three hundred years, a greater impact in the country, If you do not engage in training and rescue really Guangling scattered. In 1984, Ge Hong, Zhang Gong and Tian Hao were dispatched to the home of Mr. Gong Gong in Shanghai by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Please accept Feng Min and Ji Jiajin as their disciples and visit Mr. Zhang Ziqian. Later, Kwong Ling sent master Mei Yueqiang to Yang Long lived with students, Liu Yang, Tian Quan, Sophie, where statisticians and other teachers from Mei for many years, become Guangling school's successor. Now they have also set up a wide range of piano disciples, often Yaqieqidongqinyi, to contribute to the Guangling Qin school heritage.

In order to find the music to the vast Daqin, Tianquan cooperation and cooperation for the revitalization of Guqin made several generous:

1, the first "Bai Qin Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition"

At the invitation of the 2nd International Piano Association in Chengdu in 1994, we designed and produced 100 pieces of "Guqin", which were held in Chengdu and Hong Kong respectively. This is the first 100-Qin Project after the Huizong case of the Forbidden City Cheng Min's inscribed "Bai Qin Tang", Lv Ji, Sun Shen, Feng Guangyu, Qiao Jianzhong and Yangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Fujian calligraphy and painting societies leaders of the Chinese Music Association wrote inscriptions in great numbers to support this important event recorded in the annals of history. This activity is designed to broaden the type system made by Guqin and play an important role in promoting the development of Guqin culture.

2, founded the Huaxin Qin Zheng Art Museum

The country has a variety of themed museums 2900, the history of the piano only two hundred years, Gulangyu Xiamen has long been built piano museum. In the two or three thousand years of China, Guqin and Guzheng can not find a museum. Our father and son have made many efforts to find out the historical materials and make plans. With the support of the China National Instrumental Society, after more than two years of preparation, One million yuan In October 2006, a new factory was built in Phoenix Musical Instrument Factory to fill in the gaps of "Yangzhou Huaxi GZ Art Museum". Former Deputy Minister of Culture Gao Zhanxiang wrote the name of the museum, and CCTV made a press report on the evening of October 26, 2006. The museum devoted to the world is the distant culture, is the art of deep, is the soul of shock, so that people's patriotic heart arises spontaneously.

The Yangzhou Huaxia Qin Zheng Art Museum belongs to the private museum. Its significance built in the first place is to attract social forces to participate in non-heritage protection and turn private collections into social services. Over the past decade private museums springing up to more than 380.

3, with twenty-nine copies of the piano welcome the twenty-ninth Olympic Games

In November 2007, the "Oriental Bogu" Collection Center of Beijing held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for "Achievements Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Melodies" and "Ancient Symphony Copy Symposiums". Tian Guqin Nineteen ancient famous musical instruments welcome the Olympic Games to embody the core concept of the humanistic Olympics. CCTV and other mainstream media all make reports.

4, founded "Yangzhou Hua Yun country orchestra"

In order to carry forward the local folk music art, our factory invested more than 200,000 yuan to build the Yangzhou Huayun National Orchestra and purchased large musical instruments such as chimes, braids, Yunluo and ethnic drums. The orchestra members are all composed of professional groups and amateur performers in Yangzhou City. Since more than a decade, the orchestra conducted rehearsals regularly to enrich the cultural life of the people in Yangzhou. Yangzhou Evening Post used "Tian He Gao and his Trilogy" For the report I set up factories, run classes, organized orchestras typical deeds.

5, father and son on the same stage, piano Zheng and Ming

In November 2009, a concert titled Tian Tian Gao Tian Quan Qin and Qin Zi Qin Zeng was held in the Grand Theater of Yangzhou. This was organized by the China National Instrumental Society, Propaganda Department of Yangzhou Municipal Committee, Culture Bureau and other units. The CCTV music channel Interview and live broadcast, which is the first concert held by national folk music entrepreneurs. At the concert, China National Instrumental Society awarded Tian Zuogao the "Guzheng Art Lifelong Achievement Award", which is another honor after Tian Field won the glorious title of "Advanced Individual for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture" in 2007.

Fourth, technological innovation, new product Qinzheng award-winning gold medal

For those who want to do their work well, they must first make their own arrangements. The piano is a traditional national treasure instrument, but it should be constantly improved and innovated with the times. Innovation is the life of an enterprise. I named the enterprise a research and development plant whose purpose is to develop, develop and innovate as the soul and foundation of an enterprise. Thirty years of enterprise road is the road of continuous innovation, in addition to process design, process improvement and innovation of various tools, the focus of innovation of our business is the restructuring and exploration of the resonance box structure of the piano Zheng, construction in 1986 Initially developed Phoenix double arc guzheng in 1988 passed the provincial appraisal, contemporary domestic Zheng Zheng Cao Zheng, Guo Ying, Tu Yongmei, Sun Zi Xian Dengjun participated in the appraisal. As a scientific and technological innovation achievement, Double Arc Zheng has been listed in "Encyclopedia of Scientific and Technological Achievements of China", "Dictionary of Famous Brand of Chinese Contemporary Famous Products" and "Famous Brand Expo in China" and won the Gold Prize of "The First Gold Expo of China Technology and Products Expo". Ninety-six was included in the "selection of the world's best patented technology" Double arc guzheng twenty years to become the main product type Phoenix guzheng best-selling at home and abroad.

What double arc guzheng it? Double arc guzheng referred to as double arc Zheng, is based on the traditional guzheng type system, the resonance box structure to transform new varieties. The resonance box of the traditional guzheng is "like a garden above the sky, with a flat bottom," while the double arc zither changes the resonance box to an arc, that is, the floor is not flat, but the arc is the same as the panel. The formation of the bass resonance box volume> the volume of the midrange resonance box> the volume of the high-pitched resonance box. In this way, the vibration of each pitch zone is proportional to the air volume of the resonance chamber. Make it more scientific. Second, as the double arc Zheng's floor is the whole board under the action of external force, baking and the panel as the same arc, so that the floor is also in tension, easy to play panel coordination resonance, from the long-term practical effect, Double arc Zheng treble Qing Yue, alto coincidence, bass vigorous, long aftertastes, the overall pronunciation is balanced, the sound quality is better than the same type of flat-type kite. At home and abroad Zheng sector experts and teachers to give a higher rating, the current annual sales have been in a leading position in the country.

Based on the research and development of double-arc guzheng, we have also developed and developed the double-box guzheng. After years of practice, we started to use the double-box structure in guqin and high-grade guzheng. In 2008, Double boxes of guqin won four gold and science and technology innovation awards. In 2010 China Folk Art Festival guzheng production competition, double box of high-grade guzheng won two gold and science and technology innovation award.

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