Phoenix brand guzheng will improve the cultural quality of the masses and bring happiness to millions of families. We sincerely welcome domestic and overseas experts, teachers and fellow friends to visit us.

Yangzhou National Musical Instrument Development Factory Co., Ltd.

The company and Yangzhou Hanjiang Teana musical instrument factory is the production base of Phoenix brand musical instruments. The company was founded in 1986, the former children's palace owned enterprises.

  • As art education services, teaching promotion, respect, is the purpose of the Phoenix people.
  • Adhere to the quality first, honest and trustworthy, enthusiastic customer service is the pursuit of the Phoenix people.

Why Choose Us


Professional performance grade guzheng


Famous personally selected guzheng material


Through 72 hours of high temperature cooking and 3 years of ventilation dry


Guzheng made by an experienced veteran with 25 years experience.


Adopt double boxes patented process technology


It has anti fake labels to distinguish authenticity.

News & Events


Chairman was invited to participate in CCTV

Chairman was invited to participate in CCTV

Tian Buogao, Chairman of the Board, was invited to Beijing to participate in the CCTV "Pioneer Project of Creating a Good Quality and Winning the End" on the afternoon of August 31 and released an interview.

On the cultural industry of Chinese instruments
Sept. 02,2017

Guzheng culture originates from the culture of Huaxia Music Education and embodies the spirit of dance and dances and aesthetic functions of Chinese ancestors. It is an integral part of Chinese aesthetic culture.

The road of Qin and Zheng in forty years
May 18, 2017

Two-thirds of the national piano Zheng from Yangzhou, hundreds of enterprises in the ancient city of Qin outside and inside.

Innovative Product Development Room was formally established
April 26, 2017

In order to further grasp the reform and innovation of the sound quality and structure of the product, we have introduced new products and musical instruments, and the company "Innovative Product Development Room" was formally established.